Portland Getaway

I’m back! My husband and I went to Portland for FOUR DAYS without children. It was a magical four days but I did miss my kids horribly. It’s so funny how I dream about time to myself and then when I finally have it I just want my kids back. Our hotel room had a MAGNIFICENT view though and we got to try many exotic restaurants that we would not have been able to try if we had the kids due to their picky little pallets.

Out of all the restaurants we tried the one I was most excited about was Cultured Caveman. A completely paleo restaurant! It was SO good. Like… really damn good. I had their fish tacos with a side of creamy turmeric veggies and it was AMAZING. Now that I’m home my goal is to try and recreate the veggies cause they were so good. My mouth waters just thinking about them. My husband got the sweet and sour chicken with a side of bacon wrapped dates and a glass of mead. All of which was just as amazing as mine. We were both impressed by the mead though. We have only ever had warm mead while this one was cold and bubbly. It was really really good though.

Inside of the restaurant they even have a little market section filled with paleo friendly snacks, drinks, and even recipe books. I wanted it all. It was such a good experience and I’m hoping we can go back someday. Head over there if you’re ever in Portland. You will not be disappointed!