Mother’s Day and Chicken Feet

Aww yiss


As part of our homesteading dream, we want to make everything from scratch. We are tired of buying almost everything from the store. There are so many ingredients you can’t pronounce and have no idea what they even are. But the biggest thing for us is the pride and feelings of self-sufficiency we get when we learn how to make things ourselves.

So if you’re new to homesteading (like I am) or even making anything from scratch (again, like I am) then you’ve probably never made bone broth. Let me tell you, it was SO much easier than I thought it would be, and the result was so much better too. So… homemade bone broth here we come!

Now in the early stages of researching homesteading I came across The Eliott Homestead. That family is what made me want to finally jump in with both feet and start this homesteading adventure. They have an AMAZING book out, Welcome to the Farm: How-to Wisdom from The Elliott Homestead, that I recommend everyone who is thinking about homesteading (or even if you’ve already started) should read. It has SO many tips, tricks, and recipes that I call it my homesteading bible.



In this book Shaye Eliott tells you how to butcher chickens, and she emphasizes to KEEP THE CHICKEN FEET. Now, as we all know chicken feet are not pretty. They are even LESS pretty when they are not connected to a chicken… BUT they make for an AMAZING bone broth. I’m lucky enough to have a friend who just butchered all their chickens on Saturday (what a great way to spend Mothers Day eh?) I bought two chickens from them and she also gave me a bunch of… you guessed it… chicken feet. At first I was just a little hesitant to accept but in the back of my head I kept thinking about how chicken feet were “gold” to the homesteader so I couldn’t say no.

I kind of followed the recipe from the homesteading book but at the same time winged it… which is how I roll when it comes to cooking.

First Step

I cut off all the calluses (if there were any) from the bottom of the feet. It was pretty tough, actually, and I had to use my fingers. Ew. Now I don’t have a picture of that because… well it was really gross and not very photogenic at all. So instead here is a picture of my daughter who was SO excited to help mommy cook.


Second Step

Chicken feet, onion, celery, and some water all went into the crockpot. This has to simmer for at least 12 hours so what better appliance to use?

Just getting started...


Third Step

After letting it simmer for quite a while, it was done. It’s that easy. And now I have some gorgeous homemade bone broth. I poured all of it into mason jars, let them cool, stuck them in the freezer… and voila, done.


Twelve hours later...

All done!

My husband had some right after it was done with a little salt and cayenne pepper – it’s pretty bland by itself, but with some spices it’s delicious and nutritious.

I am so happy that I stepped outside of my comfort zone and used chicken feet to make bone broth. It filled nine mason jars, so I’ll have it for a while and it was easy! Soon I’ll be posting some info about why bone broth made from chicken is actually pretty good for you as well. If anyone has any tips on bone broth or a really good recipe let me know! Until next time… Peace and chicken feet.