June 1 2016. That was when my husband and I realized we had the exact same dream. To become homesteaders.

That weekend we were heading to my best friend’s wedding. We live in western Washington and she was getting married on the east side of the state, so as we drove over Snoqualmie Pass we talked about our dreams, what our homestead would look like, and the first steps we would need to take to make this dream a reality.

Step one

Our first day in our own house

The first thing we wanted to do was buy a house.
We were renting at the time and decided that it would make more sense financially if we bought a house. We wanted a house that had some land with it OR could bring us a supplemental income so we could save up to by our “dream house.”

We found a house that has both. A little land so we can have a small garden and the downstairs has its own kitchen and everything so we rent that out for some extra money each month. We are definitely not in our dream house (I mean we’re still in city limits, which limits what we can do with our land) but it has everything we need right now.

Our first livestock

Heeere chickywicky!

After we bought our house we got chickens, of course! I was a little hesitant on starting backyard chickens to be honest because (ask my husband) I am NOT an animal person… at all. But once we got our four fluffy little chicks I was immediately in love. They each have their own personality and are so fun to watch. And of course the main perk… EGGS!!! Our chickens, Dagon, Teddy Bear, Sparkles, and Baby Duck (all named by my wonderful three year old) should start laying in October and we cannot be more excited for those first eggs.

Our next step is meat rabbits. My husband and I have actually never even had rabbit to eat let alone raise, so we will be trying rabbit meat from a local butcher before we get started.

My husband has also been threatening to start raising mealworms for human consumption, but I’m not so sure I’ll be trying those. Either way, the chickens will definitely appreciate them.

So even though we are not in our “dream homesteading home” we are still working with what we have at the moment. Which right now entails a teeny tiny container garden, some backyard chickens, and making all of our own food. I signed up for a CSA (I’ll be going over what that entails in another post) which will help supplement everything my garden is not growing. We will also be buying a TON of fruit and veggies from our local farmers market for me to can, which I’ve also never done before.

Ancestral health

Now let me bring it to why we are a paleo homestead. So we are really (like really) into podcasts. In the morning while the kids play, we drink coffee and sit around listening to them. One of our favorites is Joe Rogan’s podcast. On episode #935 he had Robb Wolf on who wrote a book called The Paleo Solution (I highly recommend it.) This changed our lives. We were so tired of feeling gross after eating, we never had any energy, and both of us never really slept that great. Once we switched to paleo everything changed. Now I’m gonna be honest. The first week was hard. Getting rid of dairy, gluten, sugar, and legumes was not an easy task. But after that it has been amazing. I sleep better, have so much more energy, have lost weight, don’t feel tired or bloated after eating, AND I am not hungry all the time anymore. We are on our third week of being a paleo family and I do not see us ever going back to the way we used to eat.

Paleo Homestead

I am so excited for all the learning that my family and I will be doing together over the years. Even though we are in city limits someday we will have land for all of our chickens, pigs, goats, bees, ducks, sheep, and whatever other livestock we decide to have. So in the meantime we work with what we got and learn all we can. Thanks for joining our journey and WELCOME TO OUR PALEO HOMESTEAD!